Servicing Your Gear

An authorized service center for all gear, we are committed to keeping you safe, and your diving experience enjoyable. Keeping your inspections up to date are a major component of both areas, and we are certified and qualified to assist you.

Gear Handling Highlight

How to properly handle scuba tanks from Dive Training Magazine. Safety and Servicing gear go hand in hand. Let Xplore Scuba help you stay on top of critical maintenance!

Services at Xplore Scuba

Our services at Xplore scuba are unique in that we offer Nitrox cleaning–the safest method for your dive system. In addition, we offer O2 clean standards, a meticulous process which rids the system of any oil traces.

Typical turn around periods for gear servicing range from 7-14 days. Certifications expired and in a weekend crunch? Next day service is available for an additional fee.

Please see us at the shop with any questions, and we will be happy to share anything, be it equipment servicing, or general diving knowledge…our first interest is to enhance your diving X-perience.

As Randy always says: “A knowledgeable diver is a safe diver. A safe diver is a comfortable diver. Comfortable divers have the most fun!”

Diving is great, join us!


Relax after a long day of fun.


Make sure your gear is reliable and safe!


Why should I have my gear serviced?

  • Safety

    The last thing you want to experience is equipment malfunction underwater. Over-exertion due to a faulty regulator can increase your susceptibility to a diving injury. Servicing your equipment annually prevents these failures

  • Warranty and Validity

    Warranties are valid only as long you keep inspections up to date. Manufacturers specifically require service by an authorized technician, otherwise the warranty integrity is compromised. This includes BC’s, regulators, Air delivery system, Dry suits, Dive computers, and cylinders. Our certified technicians at Xplore scuba are proficient, experienced, and able to address any specific issues you may be having with your total dive system.

  • Ease / Comfort

    The easier your regulator breathes, the more comfortable you become, the more you are able to experience. Over the life of your regulator, contaminates from sand, salt, and chlorine can corrode your regulator, affecting performance and reliability. When servicing your air delivery system, we polish, clean (to Nitrox and 100% O2 clean levels) and inspect the internal parts to ensure peak performance.

  • It’s life support equipment!

    Our ability to explore the underwater world with ease is a direct result of technology we may not completely understand. Have your equipment checked by someone who does, so you can continue to dive with assurance and comfort.