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Aqua Lung

When you buy Aqua Lung life support products from your authorized Aqua Lung dealer like Xploure Scuba you are buying from trained professionals who can instruct you on the proper and safe use of your equipment. You also receive the Aqua Lung America factory warranties plus a guarantee of customer satisfaction.

Unauthorized retailers offering Aqua Lung Scuba products acquire those products through unknown sources. Products purchased through unauthorized retailers are considered third party sales and are not eligible for Aqua Lung warranty protection, service, or support.  Additional Infomration available from Aqua Lung

Purchase products directly from Aqual Lung.

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Aqua Lung introduced the world to Scuba diving more than 60 years ago and is the worldwide leader in SCUBA diving equipment. Under brands such as Apeks, Aqua Lung or SeaQuest, we manufacture quality and high performance regulators, buoyancy compensators (BC’s), masks, fins, snorkels, wetsuits and many more products to make your diving adventure safe and memorable.

Check out our latest in dive equipment: MIkron – the smallest and lightest weight regulator on the market today or Status – a breakthrough technological feature for the XTX series of regulators. Fine tuneman-aqua-lung your buoyancy skills in comfort with a Aqua Lung Pearl i3, Sea Quest Pro QD i3 or Black Diamond BC. See our new Infinity, Micromask and Teknika masks and the next evolution of the Impulse snorkel. Cruise with a pair of Slingshot – a revolutionary fin that will take the dive world by storm. Keep warm yet mobile with the new wetsuits, SolAfx.

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