Open Water Certification Common Questions

Private Lessons are $499 (Class schedule is determined by you)

Lessons typically last 30-36 hours (4-5 classes), but this may vary from diver to diver.

  • Classroom/Pool Instruction
  • Digital Training Material
  • Interactive Review Questions & Personal Notes
  • Pool Entrance and Equipment Rental
  • Digital Certification Card


  • Xplore Scuba provides all necessary equipment for you to learn how to scuba dive, but due to health and hygiene requirements, it will be necessary for you to purchase your own Mask, Fins, Boots and Snorkel before your first pool session.
  • The final certification test requires 6 dives conducted in an open water non-pool environment (Lake, Quarry, Ocean, etc.) and this is NOT included in the price of the instruction.

The above two items are a personal choice with many options.  Scuba diving equipment comes in many sizes, styles, colors and features.  We recommend coming in to allow our professional staff to properly size and find the right equipment for you.

If you have a trip already planned and would like to complete your training while on your trip, we can also offer a referral.

Instructor Fee:  $150

Gear Rental: $100 ($50 a day for two days of check out dives)

      • Blue Stone Trip est. $40
      • Keowee Trip est. $80
      • Florida Trip est. $425
      • Referral Processing Fee $45

est. $200-$300

Estimate Cost: Boots | $45     Fins | $115     Mast | $90     Snorkel | $40

As all the items listed above are REQUIRED to complete the SSI Open Water Certification, we do also recommend the purchase of a 5mm wetsuit.  As you will learn in your class, diving in any temperature colder than 98.6 (Normal body temperature) will cause a diver to get cold.  In addition to duration of time being in this temperature of water, breathing compressed air will also chill the body.  These two variables can cause a diver to become cold even on a warm sunny day.  A wetsuit can easily turn an uncomfortable experience into an enjoyable day.

est. $299-399